Privacy Policy


At Belgische Flyball Belge vzw, we care greatly about your privacy. In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data, we have developed this website with the professional help and continuous support of our trusted supplies Sweet Sally GCV. We have implemented the necessary controls to prevent your personal data from being compromised, altered, lost, destroyed, published or disclosed without proper authorization.

Belgische Flyball Belge vzw is ready to meet the challenges of the General Data Protection Regulation!
Let us explain in a bit more detail...

Who has access?

Data Controller

Belgische Flyball Belge vzw (Company number 0466.157.848)
Vogelstraat 6
2580 Putte

Data Processor

Belgische Flyball Belge vzw relies on the continuous support of Sweet Sally GCV for the development and maintenance of this website.

Sweet Sally GCV (Company number 0607.868.118)
Felix Timmermansstraat 7
8310 Brugge
Represented by: Tim Brouckaert (Manager)

The supplier processes personal data submitted, stored, sent or received by Belgische Flyball Belge vzw (i.e. the Data Controller) and you, the user, (i.e. the Data Subject) solely for the purpose of providing services and technical support.

Third parties

Belgische Flyball Belge vzw is not involved in selling personal data to third parties.

In the context of this website , Belgische Flyball Belge vzw has recruited the following third party services for the purposes specified in the list below:

  • Sweet Sally GCV for the development and maintenance of the website
  • Combell nv for the hosting of the website
  • Dropbox inc. voor Cloud storage and backups of administrative documents

As foreseen by Belgische Flyball Belge vzw standard operating procedures, all suppliers are thoroughly vetted before acquiring their services. GDPR compliance is, of course, included in the requirements for all suppliers. Belgische Flyball Belge vzw regularly reviews the collaboration with its suppliers and the conditions of that collaboration. The collaboration is immediately seized when a supplier no longer meets the requirements for GDPR compliance.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Belgische Flyball Belge vzw may disclose your personal data to the following parties:

  • Governmental authorities
  • Judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies
  • Auditors
  • VdA/ KKUSH for insurance reasons, contest administration and registration of volunteers

Future third parties can be added if necessary for the functioning of the Belgische Flyball Belge VZW.
We do not disclose personal information to parties established outside the EU.

What do we process and why?

During the design process of this website , we compiled a data inventory. We intend to acquire and process only the data that is strictly necessary for fulfilling the purposes described below. The personal data that is processed by this website  can vary based on the user roles and related purposes.

The following information can be collected (non-exhaustive list):

  • Contact information (e.g. name, address, email address, telephone number),
  • Date of birth,
  • Language preferences,
  • Username and password,
  • Club membership,
  • Identification information of the dog (e.g. name, chip number, date of birth, breed).

This data is processed for the following purpose(s):

  • Member administration,
  • Tournament administration,
  • Training of volunteers,
  • Registration and administration of volunteers,
  • Access control for the website.

If you wish to consult the detailed data inventory or wish the acquire more information about the purpose of the data processing activities, please contact us at

Where do we store your personal data?

Combell NV is responsible for the hosting of this website and has full control over the hardware used to store your personal data. Combell NV performs its processing acitivities on Belgium soil.

Dropbox Inc. is responsible for the cloudhosting and has full control over the hardware used to store you personal data. Dropbox Inc. operates from multiple locations across Europe and the United States (EU - U.S. Privacy Shield).

How long do we store personal data?

Default retention period

As foreseen by GDPR, we strive to remove your personal data as soon as it is no longer necessary to accomplish the purpose for which it was originally collected.

All personal data that is used to maintain a historical record that outlives the purpose of the data collection will be anonymised (to the extent possible) and retained in the database of the website for two (2) years. The data will also be fully removed from our backups within five (5) years after they were collected.


The following deviations of the default retention period apply:

  • Team tournament results and rankings intended for archiving purposes.

For more information about these exceptions, please contact us at

Data retention in case of a removal request

Please see: Removing your data

How do we ensure security?

Security by design

The following examples are just some of the security measures applied by Belgische Flyball Belge vzw to help protect personal data and other information against unauthorized access, alteration, loss, or destruction:

  • All data is encrypted both at rest (in the database) and in transit between our service and your browser,
  • All data is fully backed up,
  • Our services are protected by Combell Shield Services,
  • Who has access to sensitive information is clearly defined and managed by the board of Belgische Flyball Belge vzw.

Information security events

If an information security event should occur, Belgische Flyball Belge vzw will deal with this promptly and adequately in accordance with their standard operating procedures. These actions will be performed within 72 hours after the event occured.

All board members and volunteers at Belgische Flyball Belge vzw receive regular training with regards to security best practices and the organization’s procedures. The same level of commitment is expected from our suppliers, whose services are regularly reviewed (see: Third parties).

What are your rights as a Data Subject?

Unless your request is deemed excessive or unfounded, you may exercise the following rights in relation to your personal data:

  • request information concerning your personal data,
  • request a copy of all your data in a standard format,
  • modify or correct your personal data if it is wrong,
  • request the restriction of certain processing activities in certain circumstances,
  • object against certain processing activities,
  • right to withdraw your consent,
  • have your personal data erased in certain circumstances.

For a full review of your rights as data subject, please consult the General Data Protection Regulation.

You can easily exercise any of your rights by submitting a written request to This request must contain the following elements:

  • Your full name and contact information,
  • A clear and unambiguous expression of your request.

Belgische Flyball Belge vzw reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee in case your request is deemed excessive or unfounded at our sole discretion. Belgische Flyball Belge vzw will inform the Data Subject in writing of its decision and motivation.

Modifying and correcting your data

This website allows Data Subjects to manage the processed personal data themselves. If the Data Subject is unable to complete the modifications or corrections to the data, then he/she can request the Data Controller to perform this action by contacting us at

Removing your data

The Data Subject can have her or his data removed from the website and the backups by sending a written request to The request must include the elements specified above. Upon receiving the request for removal, Belgische Flyball Belge vzw will assess the request and execute the removal process as soon as possible, and no later than 30 calendar days after receiving the request. All personal information that has been selected for removal will be fully removed from our backups within five (5) years (as foreseen by the default retention period defined above). Belgische Flyball Belge vzw will inform the Data Subjects when the procedure for removal of personal data has been completed.

In case the selected personal information or part of this information cannot be removed due to legal, judicial or other obligations, Belgische Flyball Belge vzw will notify the Data Subjects. In case Belgische Flyball Belge vzw requires the selected personal information in order to deliver a service, the Data Subject will be asked if the service can be terminated in order to complete the removal procedure.

Unsubscribing to newsletters and promotional emails

If you no longer wish to receive emails containing news facts, event or services provided by Belgische Flyball Belge vzw, you can simply use the unsubscribe button or hyperlink included in every newsletter or promotional email. Upon unsubscribing, your personal data will be removed from our systems. This removal of data excludes information that is required by Belgische Flyball Belge vzw to provide other services which you requested.

Who can you contact?

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or if you want to exercise any of the Data Subject rights stipulated above, please contact us at

Belgische Flyball Belge vzw reserves the right to change this privacy statement at all times. Belgische Flyball Belge vzw will notify the Data Subjects about all applied changes. The last changes were implemented on 16 May 2021.